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Bill Horton
Email: NSAREG5@aol.com
PO Box 187
Fenton, MI 48430

2016 Michigan Hall of Fame Inductions & Awards Banquet
December 3, 2016                             
Ramada Lansing Hotel and Conference Center  517-627-3211
7501 W. Saginaw Highway
Lansing, MI 48917                

Please watch for updates on exact times.
Pre-Dinner Cash Bar:  Starting APPROXIMATELY 5:00 PM
Dinner Served: APPROXIMATELY 5:30 PM
Awards Presentation: Immediately following dinner

ALL Planning to attend, please RSVP by submitting the form by deadline:  
RSVP DeadlineWednesday, November 23, 2016  EXTENDED to Monday 11-28-16

Individual Dinner Tickets
:  $37.50 per person  (open seating) 
Reserved Table of Eight Dinner Tickets:  $275.00  (table will be reserved in your name)

Deadline for Dinner ticketsWednesday, November 23, 2016  EXTENDED to Monday 11-28-16
If you are looking for dinner tickets after this date, please call the office.
No Banquet Sales at site!   Banquet tickets will be held for the INDIVIDUAL NAME PURCHASING THE TICKETS.

Please watch for updates on exact times.
Pre-Dinner Cash Bar:  Starting APPROXIMATELY 5:00 PM
Dinner Served: APPROXIMATELY 5:30 PM
Awards Presentation: Immediately following dinner

2016 NSA-BPA Michigan Hall of Fame Inductees

 Umpire Category:  Joe Redfield - NSA Fastpitch
                              John Campbell - BPA Baseball

                              Anthony Clayborn
 - NSA Slow Pitch

Coach Category:   Doug Kennedy - Ann Arbor Gold - NSA Fastpitch
                             David Caley - Shamrocks
- BPA Baseball


Player Category:   Russ Ortega - NSA Slow Pitch
                            Greg Ackerberg
- NSA Slow Pitch

Tony Hool will be Inducted to the NSA National Hall of Fame in the Umpire Category during the 2016 National Convention. 

2016 NSA and BPA Special Recognitions

In addition to the Hall of Fame Inductions, teams, players and umpires will be
recognized for their achievements during the season.

Grand Slam Champions - Adult Men's Player of the Year - State Champions
Medal Winners - Umpire of the Year

2016 Umpire of the Year:  
      Slow Pitch:  Pat Wayne
      Fastpitch - Mike Latoszkiewicz Umpire of the Year Award:  Tonya Calkins & Stephanie Perrie

2016 - 110% Award - Umpire
      Slow Pitch:  Derik Becker
      Fastpitch - Mike Terry 110% Award:  Karl McAllister, Jim McKinley, and Norm Webster

2016 - Newcomer of the Year - Umpire
   Fastpitch:  Elizabeth Albaugh, Keith Hart, Tom Mailloux and Hannah Yadon
       Slow Pitch: Michael Kisner

2016 Michigan Adult Player of the Year
Men's ELITE:  Brandon Bongard - P&P 333/CMT/Clutch/Suburban
Men's ELITE:  Jelon Hudson - P&P 333/CMT/Clutch/Suburban
Men's GOLD:  Travis Aultman - Legion
Men's GOLD:  Kenny Lavoy - Jimmy's Boys
Men's SILVER: Adam Sorenson - Workforce/Koval Softball
Men's SILVER:  Brooke Davis - OC Bombsquad


Team Accomplishments & Recognitions - Adult

2016 Michigan Adult Team of the Year
Men's ELITE:  P&P 333/CMT/Clutch/Suburban
Men's GOLD:  Legion
Men's SILVER:  Workforce/Koval Softball

    National Points Awards
: Teams recognized Nationally for having the most points.

World Series - Medal Winners (1st - 3rd)
      Women's Lower: 
      35 & Over Upper: 
      Coed Lower: 

   Super Regional Champions

Super World Recognition


2016 Grand Slam Champions

Men's GOLD - 
Men's SILVER -

2016 State Champions - Adult
Men's Elite -
Men's Gold East - 
Men's Gold West -
Men's Silver East - 
Men's Silver West -
Women's -
Coed Upper -
Coed Lower -

2016 Girl's Fastpitch Michigan State Champions

10u - 
12u "A" - 
12u "B" - 
14u "A" - 
14u "B" -  
16u "A" - 
16u "B" - 
18u - 

2016 Girl's Fastpitch - World Series Medal Winners
  (Teams finishing Top Three!)
2016 was a great year for Michigan NSA Fastpitch teams!  Congratulations to ALL!

1st Place Finishes:
16u "A" --
14u "B" IN -
18u "B" IN -

2nd Place Finishes:
10u "B" IN -
14u "B" IN -

3rd Place Finishes

Other Great Finishes from Michigan Fastpitch World Series Teams:
16u "A" -
10u "B" IN -
12u "B" IN - 5th Place -

14u "B" IN - 5th Place -
16u "B" IN - 7th Place -

18u "B" IN - 5th Place -

2016 BPA Baseball Michigan State Champions
 9u - 
10u -

11u -
12u -
13u -
14u -

2016 BPA Baseball - World Series Medal Winners (Teams finishing Top Three!)
9u - MI - 2nd Place -
10u -
11u Silver - KY - 3rd Place -
11u - MO - 3rd Place -
11u - TN - 3rd Place -
12u Gold - MI - 2nd Place -
12u Silver - MI - 2nd Place -
13u Silver - MO - CHAMPIONS -
14u Silver - MI - 2nd Place -
14u Silver - MI - 3rd Place -

Purchase Michigan NSA-BPA Hall of Fame Banquet tickets:

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Deadline EXTENDED to Monday 11-28-16
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Michigan NSA/BPA Hall of Fame Banquet - INDIVIDUAL TICKET    Price: $37.50

Michigan NSA/BPA Hall of Fame Banquet - RESERVED Table of EIGHT   Price: $275.00

Criteria for submitting a Nomination Application for a Michigan Hall of Fame Inductee:

Michigan Hall of Fame - National Softball Association/Baseball Players Association


This is the criteria to be used when considering a nomination to the Michigan NSA/BPA Hall of Fame. 
Nominees must meet or exceed these requirements to merit consideration for election. 
Please document this information clearly when submitting your nomination form.

    8 YEARS
for the following Categories:  Adult Players - Coach/Managers - Teams
    8 YEARS
for the following Categories:  Directors - Umpires
    7 YEARS
for the following Categories:  Sponsors - Complexes
    5 YEARS
for the Following Categories:  Youth Players - Meritorious

The Application must be submitted by a Sponsor having an established position with NSA or BPA.     (Sponsor must be a Player, Coach, Director, Umpire, etc.)
Note: Anyone can suggest an applicant - If you wish to submit a nomination application, please make
           sure to attain a SPONSOR to formally submit the paperwork and biography on your behalf.

The Michigan NSA/BPA Hall of Fame is intended to honor specific players, umpires, directors, complexes and sponsors who helped increase the quality of tournaments and who took the extra step in helping make the Michigan NSA/BPA programs what they are today.

ALL Michigan residents being inducted to the NSA/BPA NATIONAL HALL OF FAME are automatically inducted to the Michigan NSA & BPA Hall of Fame.

For a Complete List of National Hall of Fame Inductees, please visit www.PlayNSA.com or www.PlayBPA.com and select: Hall of Fame  

National Softball Association and Baseball Players Association
              Michigan Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet                                 

Thank you
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