2016 NSA/DUDLEY Super World Series

Order of Finish:
Full results are posted on PlayNSA.com under the TOURNAMENT SEARCH.... use the prompts to find the SUPER WORLD you want to view -or- use these direct links:


       Elite Division
       Gold Division
       Silver Division
       Bronze Division
       Women's Division


Updated 9-27-16   2:00 PM
                    ALL Times and games are Eastern Time Zone

  Managers Meeting:
      Gold - Silver - Bronze Teams     11:00 AM on Friday, September 30th
      Location:  In open area in front of maintenance building near Field # 5
      Elite - Women's Teams  will check with staff between 8-9 AM on Saturday, October 1st


  Check In:  At the tent in the field in front of the Maintenance Building.  Bring entire team at one time.
     All players must check in with a government issued picture ID.  Wrist bands will be given and must be worn
     the entire weekend.  No ID - NO Wrist Band, NO Wrist Band - You don't play.

  CHECK YOUR ROSTERS as this is what they will use to check you in, players can’t be added at the site
   and all Super World player additions have been added to the online roster.


Online Brackets & Live Scoring:
  Official Bracket will be the Brackets posted at the site, please always check them before leaving the 
  complex after any game – DON’T ASSUME!
The brackets are a scheduling guideline, we could move fields to
  stay on time.

  Game Times:
  Teams must be at fields ready to play 30 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.
  Failure to be at field 30 minutes prior could result in forfeit. 
  PLEASE be at your field 30 minutes prior to game ready to play.

  We will supply 3 NSA 52/275 Dudley ZN softballs and will have balls for sale at complex –
  Teams must supply the NSA DUDLEY 52/275 Softball for all games.

3 Game Format:
   Please check your bracket after each game as this is a 3 game format tournament and that means
   ALL teams will get 3 games. You can go 0-2 and still come back and win the tournament.  

   Turf Fields:
NO Tobacco products or sunflower seeds permitted on Turf Fields

View Brackets:  LIVE SCORING will be used during the NSA Super World Series.
Please SEE BELOW on how to VIEW BRACKETS & for Live Scoring DETAILS - and how to view on cell phones...

   The online scoring is used only as a general guide for spectators to see scores of games. 
   Please check with your site director before you leave the field if you have questions on the bracket!

     1.   NSA LIVE SCORING & VIEW BRACKETS:  Go to  brackets.playnsa.com     (DO NOT use www.)
     2.   then for VIEW Tournament:
1022      and click GO 
               Direct Link: 
3.   SELECT:  Brackets

  You can then either - VIEW PDF BRACKET  -OR-
       FETCH GAME:   ENTER GAME NUMBER   (+ or - Keys or enter #)
                               & CLICK on FETCH GAME
                       Team names will show up WITH game scores if completed game.              

    *  You will need to have an ADOBE READER (free app) installed on your phone to view the PDF of the bracket section.
    *  You will also need to ALLOW DOWNLOADS  -AND-  POP UPS from brackets.playnsa.com site
    *  Cell phone users please check for File Downloads -OR-  Notifications
    *  If using Internet Explorer, you may need to select OPEN or SAVE

    5a.  You have the option to ENTER a GAME NUMBER and then select FETCH GAME - this will bring up the team names and their scores if it has been recorded.
    5b.  You have the option to click on PDF BRACKET - This will bring up a grid sheet of games & scores BUT WILL ALSO DOWNLOAD a PDF of the bracket.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR DOWNLOADS on your MOBILE DEVICE.

ON A COMPUTER - Your age group selections will be on the left.  When you select the age group, a grid will appear with scores.  You can select VIEW PDF (above the grid) and it will OPEN IN A NEW TAB in your browser with the PDF of the Bracket.


     To view results from NSA Super World Series, please go to www.PlayNSA.com
use Tournament Search to find SUPER WORLD for 2016 and click on RESULTS
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Thank you


Brackets for NSA Girls Fastpitch in Michigan

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