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Travel Permit is NOT necessary for the NSA World Series.

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National Softball Association
Please fill out the form below and submit it at least one week prior to the tournament date.  Thank you.

Travel Permit  - If your team wishes to travel outside of MI for an NSA NIT or Qualifying tournament you need to submit a separate form for Each Tournament.

Please submit a separate form for EACH NSA tournament you will be participating
in that is OUTSIDE the State of Michigan.  Please make sure to review the important details of the tournament before entering, including pitching distances.

This form will reviewed by the Michigan State Office, once approved it will be forwarded to the Tournament Director.

Once the form is received by the State Office, it will take no less than one week to reply.  After one week, please feel free to contact us via email.  Thank you.

You can also submit this information by regular mail:
NSA     PO Box 187    Fenton, MI 48430

Date of Request: *
Tournament Date:
Tournament Location:
 Tournament Director:  
 Tournament Name:  
Sanction Number:
 Team Name:  
 Age Group:  
 Person Submitting Request:  
 Phone Number:  
  Please note that by submitting this form on behalf of the team you are acting as team representative and you verify you will take an extra SIGNED copy of your NSA online roster, AND an extra copy of your insurance CERTIFICATE to leave at the tournament site. 
You understand that the team will NOT be allowed to participate with them.  You also understand that these copies will NOT be returned to you.

IF you are participating in an INDIANA tournament, you may need to have the individual players check in with their birth certificates.
Please contact the Tournament Director for details.


Welcome to the  National Softball Association Northern Zone
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