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    Michigan NSA Umpires — How to Register

    How to Register as an NSA Umpire

    What’s New

    • Umpire Registration or Sanction will now be called Umpire Membership
    • Create your lifetime online user account (You will use it for multiple years)
    • National Fee payment online
    • Must pay NSA National Office Membership/Registration fee to be able to work
    • Your own user page with umpire information posted


    NSA Umpire Membership/Registration

      1. Log onto www.playnsa.com

      2. On the top right - click on the LOG IN button

        3. Click Register as a User - ONLY ONE TIME - will use this account for multiple years.
          4. Complete Form
              • Must have a valid email address, preferably your own (very important)
                  • Complete phone information: Both fields need to be completed, if you don’t have a home or cell, just put SAME in the second phone location.
                    5. Create your User ID and Password. Write this down as going forward this will be how you get information
                      6. Create your own security question and answer
                        7. Click Register
                          8. This will bring you to YOUR User Homepage
                            9. At this point you can:
                              • Continue with membership/registration and on-line payment
                              • Leave page and come back later to complete registration and on-line payment. Don’t forget to LOG OUT.
                              Most options will not be available until you have paid the umpire fee and are assigned your membership/registration number for the year.


                              Completing Membership/Registration Application

                              If you Logged Out: LOG IN using your ID and Password and Go to step 1

                              If you did NOT log out: Go directly to step 1


                                1. Click Umpire Membership/Registration Application
                                    • Check box for Independent Contractor
                                        • Fill in Age
                                            • Fill in years worked NSA
                                              • Select your work State (State you will work the most in)
                                              • Select UIC (will populate according to the State you choose) REMEMBER THIS NAME
                                              • Place a check mark in the boxes for the programs you will work
                                              • Add any comments the UIC will need to know
                                              • Click Sign up
                                              2. Online Payment - Thank you page pops up
                                                    • Click the link ‘Pay your Membership Fee online now’
                                                        • If you are a Standard Membership - Meaning you've worked NSA/BPA before:
                                                          1. Fill in your name
                                                          2. Fill in the UIC you selected on Registration Page
                                                          3. Click ‘Add to Cart’
                                                            • If you are a NEW UMPIRE (never have worked NSA or BPA before)
                                                                1. Select the program you want to primarily work
                                                                  1. Fill in your name
                                                                    1. Fill in the UIC you selected on Registration Page
                                                                      1. Click ‘Add to Cart’
                                                                      • Review your shopping cart
                                                                        • Two payment options - Either way you will receive an emailed receipt for your online payment
                                                                            • PayPal – if you have a PayPal account
                                                                              • Check Out – Payment by Credit/Debit Card
                                                                                  3. Mail in Payment by check - will take longer and possibly DELAY membership and your availability by a minimum of 7-10 days.
                                                                                      4. Once payment is received and approved, your membership/registration number will be sent to you via EMAIL - Important to use your own email!
                                                                                          5. You will now be able to work NSA Sanctioned events and purchase NSA Merchandise from the National Office. Available at NSABPAApparel.com
                                                                                              6. You can now use your Membership Number & Password to log into PlayNSA.com


                                                                                                Instructions on how to use the Assigning program


                                                                                                Still need help? Check out the PlayNSA How to Videos


                                                                                                Only your local and state NSA-BPA UIC/Zone and National Office will have access to your contact information. Other UIC’s and Directors will be able to verify your online registration, BUT will only be able to attain your contact info by requesting it from your local or state NSA-BPA UIC.

                                                                                                The same rules and regulations/procedures will apply for umpires traveling out of the area or state to work as in prior years.

                                                                                                If you have questions, please contact your Area/State UIC.