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    NSA / Dudley Super World Series

    Player Additions


    • Teams are limited to twenty-five (25) players per roster. 
    • Teams advancing to the SUPER WORLD can add two (2) additional players for the Super Worlds through the National Office and/or the Super Coordinator in the grayed area on the roster and prior to the tournament deadline.

    Players MUST fit into the teams point classification. Team cannot exceed the classification points they are qualified to participate in.

    Super World Series additional player pick-ups MUST come from a current NSA Men's  Online Tournament Roster of Elite, Gold, Silver or Bronze that has NOT WON a berth or ACCEPTED a pass down berth to the Super World Series.

    • EXCEPTION: Participation Berth is not WINNING a berth, it is an awarded berth.

    Player Addition Forms

    • This form will be submitted to your State Director for APPROVAL and verification of player eligibility.
    • After approval the State Director will then forward to Bill Horton PRIOR to the Tournament Roster Deadline.
    • Please note that by submitting this form on behalf of the team you are acting as team representative.


    View Teams

    PLANNING TO ATTEND: We have a tournament listing for teams to sign themselves up that are "planning to attend" the NSA Super World Series. This is available for teams to enter that plan to attend or have qualified but have not PAID the entry fee.

    QUALIFIED and PAID ENTRY FEE: This is the "OFFICIAL ENTRY" listing for all PAID teams and can only be entered into the Official tournament when the team has qualified and paid their entry fee to the National Office within the proper qualifications, this does not necessarily mean that the team has validated their berth.


    PlayNSA Super World Tournament List

    Select the tournament and teams will be listed on the bottom left.