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    NSA Girl's Fastpitch CENTRAL World Series — Teams Planning to Attend

    Teams Planning to Attend

    Teams that plan to attend the World Series can list themselves online! Teams can sign up to let others know that they are interested in attending the NSA World Series. This does not automatically enter your team into the tournament or save your team a spot.

    How to Sign Up as Planning to Attend: Click on the link for your age group - Click on the SIGN UP TAB Sign Up for the tournament & enter your information - This lets the World Series Director know that your team is planning to attend.

    8u Coach Pitch

    10u B - Central - KY        12u B - Central - KY

    14u B - Central - KY         16u B - Central - KY

    18u - Central - KY

    10u C - Central - KY         12u C - Central - KY

    14u C - Central - KY

     -OR-  Go to PlayNSA.com and LOGIN to your account. Use the Tournament Search - YOUTH, for the TYPE use SUMMER WORLD SERIES. Find the LOCATION and DATE you are planning to attend - Click on Tournament Name & then SIGN UP TAB - enter your team online.