$50 OFF the 2021 Northern, Central or Odd Age World Series - Pay in Full by April 15th, 2022. Use the Code: EARLYWS50 at Checkout.
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    Entry Procedures & Payments

    Teams will be accepted in the order that payment is received.  $300 Deposit or Full Payment is required to reserve your team a spot in the tournament.
    LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE at this World Series Location!

    Entry Deadline:   JUNE 22, 2022
    All fees & paperwork must be received by the World Series Director prior to this deadline.  This event may fill before the entry deadline.

    Total FeeIncludes Admission / Gate fees for all spectators & family members.  NO Passes! 

    • 9u - 11u - 13u - 15u Total Fee:  $750 = $450 Entry + $300 Gate/Deposit

    Discounts Available:  Teams can only use ONE Discount.

    1.  Early Entry Discount: Pay in Full by April 15th and receive $50 OFF your World Series Entry

    2.  $300 DISCOUNT:  Play in the ODD AGE GROUP or CENTRAL World Series and receive a $300 Discount to the Northern OPEN - B - C World Series in NW Indiana.   * NO $50 Discount Available.

     Total Fee is $750 = $450 Entry + $300 Deposit/Gate Fee

    Explanation of $300 TEAM GATE FEE:  This is a GREAT DEAL for your team! 
     - Paid by the team during the entry process.
     - NO PASSES to keep track of or show at the gate!
     - One fee covers ALL of your spectators for the entire weekend - no matter how many come to watch.
     - Many other tournaments are charging $20-$25 per person and sometimes more!

         ·      If you have 12 players and 2 people come to watch each player (parents), that's be 24 people. 
              $300 divided by 24 = $12.50 average per person for the entire NSA World Series!
          ·     If you have 50 people come to watch your team at the NSA World Series, it would average out to $6 per person for the entire tournament.



     You can pay the Deposit Online but you still need to Scan/Email the Entry Form!
    Mailing and email addresses are on page 3 of the Entry Form/Contact Sheet.

    • $300 Deposit or Full Payment
    • Entry Form

    Step 2: Submit ALL the following to the WORLD SERIES TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR no later than the entry deadline. Mailing and email addresses are on page 3 of the Entry Form / Contact Sheet.

    • ENTRY FORM - NSA World Series
    • CONTACT SHEET - Included with Entry Form PDF
    • Signed Copy of NSA Roster - Individually signed by parents & coaches
    • Copy of team Insurance Certificate - Any team insurance will be accepted for the NSA World Series Tournament. The World Series Coordinators will ensure all teams meet the NSA/Westpoint Insurance requirement with no additional charge to your team. There is NO discount in the World Series Entry Fee for teams that have a yearly NSA/Westpoint policy.
    • Balance of Entry Fee in the form of Cashier's Check or Money Order

    Click Here:  Entry Form & Contact Sheet



    Payments are accepted via Money Order, Cashier's check or Online by Charge.
    Online payments are subject to a processing fee.
    If you pay online by charge, EMAIL the forms - see page 3 of the Entry Form.

    Mailing and email addresses are on page 3 of the Entry Form/Contact Sheet.

    • $750  for 9u - 11u - 13u - 15u

    To PAY ONLINE - During Check Out use DISCOUNT CODE of EARLYWS50 to receive the $50 OFF if paid in FULL by April 15th