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    NSA Girl's Fastpitch World Series — Field Assignments

    Parks & Field Assignments by Age Group

    Facilities for the "B" World Series: Please note that a couple of the addresses are not the EXACT Address for the facilities, but an address that will get you to the main entrance to the park.

    Directions & Field Layouts: Please follow all park rules.

    • Sportscore One
    • TBA
    • TBA


    Field Assignments by Age Group: The following locations are where we anticipate the specific age groups will be playing the majority of their games during the NSA “B” World Series. While there is no scientific method of deciding which age group plays in specific locations at this time, we have used NSA’s history of the number of teams attending to provide this guide for you to make hotel arrangements. This is our best assessment of the situation at this time and hope it will assist you with hotel selections. In the end, the FINAL decision is based the number of total teams in the event, and how many teams are in each specific age group. These final numbers or counts of teams entered are not available until very close to the tournament.

    Fields Used for 8u Divisions: TBA

    Fields Used for 10u Division: TBA

    Fields Used for 12u Division: TBA

    Fields Used for 14u Division: TBA

    Fields Used for 16u Division: TBA

    Fields Used for 18u Division: TBA


    The Tournament Director reserves the right to add new fields and ballparks or eliminate fields and ballparks if deemed necessary to conduct the tournament.