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    NSA / Dudley Super World Series — General Information

    General Information

      • All teams must qualify for the NSA Super World Series and validate any berth they receive.
        Watch for DEADLINES for ACCEPTING your berth!
      • Entry Fee and Forms must be sent DIRECTLY to the NSA National Office in Kentucky.
      • It is the teams responsibility to ensure they VALIDATE their BERTH and also that ALL complete and correct information is received by the deadlines listed.
      • NSA Online Rosters with all information complete and correct, printed from the PlayNSA.com site with signatures are required to QUALIFY for the NSA Super World Series. "Paper Roster" tournaments do not qualify you for the NSA Super World Series.


      Entry Procedure

      1.  Qualify for NSA Super World Series - Watch for Deadlines for ACCEPTING the BERTH!
           Check out Participation berths available.

      2.  Enter your team into the Super World Series tournament on PlayNSA.com

      3.  Submit Entry Form - Electronically at the bottom of this page.

      4.  Submit Entry Fee Payment to the NSA National Office.
           Click Here to Pay Online by Charge - Use Code: EARLYSUPER for $50 Early Entry Discount.
      -OR- To Mail in a Payment - Make check payable to: NSA & mail to
                  Postal Service (USPS)                   UPS or FEDEX
                  NSA                                                  NSA
                  PO Box 7                                         103 Bradley Drive
                  Nicholasville, KY  40340               Nicholasville, KY  40356
           Include your State, Team Name, Coach Name, Division and Class with your check.

      5.  Validate Berth

      Entry Fee:  $450 per team. PAY IN FULL for the NSA Super World by 5:00 PM 8-1-18 and receive a $50 DISCOUNT. 
      Click Here to Pay Online by Charge - Use code: EARLYSUPER for $50 Discount



      The deadline depends on when/how you receive your berth. If past the deadline to accept a Berth, the berth will be passed down!

      Must submit ENTRY FEE ($450) within 14 DAYS after completion of tournaments:

      • Super World NIT
      • State Championships
      • Top Two (2) in Super Regional

      Must submit ENTRY FEE ($450) within 7 DAYS after completion of tournaments:

      • Top Three (3) or Top 30% in the World Series

      Must submit ENTRY FEE ($450) no later than SEPTEMBER 1st for:

      • Participation Berth (Full Payment by 9-1 or berth will be voided)


      Rosters are frozen on your State Tournament date.  Championship Play roster additions rules apply after that date for Super Regionals, World Series and Super World Series. 

      • ROSTER DEADLINE: Player Addition Deadline for Super World is Friday, September 1, 2019. No player addition requests will be accepted after this date for any reason.

      Failure for the team to Validate their Berth, submit the Entry Form and the Entry Fee in Money Order or Cashiers check form by the deadline listed above will result in the team losing the berth and all travel monies won.  Deadlines will be strictly enforced.

      ALL players must check in using a Government Issue Photo ID prior to participation. Players need to CHECK to make SURE their address information is correct your roster prior to the tournament.  If you do not have proper ID, you will not be allowed to play.

      Updated National Point System - Points based on # of teams & type of qualifying tournaments. Seeding is done by NATIONAL POINTS ONLY and divided by thirds: 

      • Teams with the least points in the lower third (1/3) will be the first drawn for earliest game times.
      • Teams with the MOST points in the upper third (1/3) draw for the latest game times.
      • Teams in the middle third (1/3) will be drawn for the mid start game times.

      ALL Berths received are Unpaid BERTHS to the NSA SUPER WORLD.

      Declined Berths will be passed down by the Zone VP ONLY! If a Super World Series berth is passed then the team accepting the Super World PASSED BERTH MUST Participate in their State Championships - PLUS either the Super Regional or the World Series. Note: Spring, Fall and Winter State or World Series DO NOT VALIDATE BERTHS!

      Travel Money:  Some qualifying tournaments offer travel money toward the Super World Series. Travel money is to be given by the NSA National Office ONLY.  Teams will receive their travel funds in the form of a check made payable to their representative on file for the coach/manager listed through the online system - in the NSA National Office. NOTE:  Travel checks will be handed out AFTER the team has participated in their FIRST GAME at the SUPER WORLD SERIES.  Teams that do not participate are not eligible to receive travel money. If for any reason a team does not have enough players or are a NO SHOW those teams do not meet the requirement to receive travel money.


      The NSA National Office and the Super Coordinators know that it is important you know that your Entry FEE Payment and Entry Form have been received. They will verify this with you through the PlayNSA.com system.

      • If your PAYMENT and ENTRY FORM have been received, your team will be shown on the "OFFICIAL ENTRY" for the Super World Series. This does not mean that your team has VALIDATED their berth in order to retain it.

      Do not see your team listed? Please have your coach sign up as PLANNING TO ATTEND if your team is not listed.

      Have you have made PAYMENT ONLINE and SUBMITTED the Entry Form ONLINE?
      Please give the National Office a few days to process everything.  Please remember if you did this on Friday night - they will just be getting the information on Monday.

      Have you MAILED in PAYMENT and Submitted the Entry Form Online?
      It could take up to 10 Days to receive payment by mail.