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    Michigan NSA Fastpitch

    How To Videos

    Updated 03/24

    Still Need Help? Check out the How To Videos on PlayNSA.com. There are options for Everyone and more options are available for Coaches after creating a login including how to enter your roster and tournaments.

    How To Videos

    If you still need help, please feel free to contact the staff at the NSA National Office at 859-887-4114

    General NSA Tournament Information

    Updated 03/24

    • All NSA tournaments are filled on a first-come first-PAID in full basis. Entries are accepted in the order that payment is received.

    • Entering a tournament online does NOT hold your spot. Tournament Entries will not be completed until FULL payment is received in our office. Michigan NSA Teams have the option to pay for entry fees online by charge.  See Pay by Charge

    • Any tournament may become full before the Tournament Entry Deadline if there have been sufficient entries into the tournament to fill the capacity of the park hosting it.

    • NSA reserves the right to combine or separate A & B divisions in a tournament.

    • Tournament entries that are received after the Tournament Deadline may be returned.

    • Tournament entries that are incomplete or have been received without payment/incorrect payment will be returned. The NSA Office must receive your payment in full before the Early Entry Deadline to receive the discount. 

    • The Tournament Director reserves the right to rule on matters as they occur, including any deemed necessary to complete the tournament. This includes changing the tournament format due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, etc. If an order of finish is determined, the tournament will be considered complete and final.
    • Waiting List: The waiting list is designed for teams that have missed entering a tournament before their age group is full. Teams can be put on a waiting list without payment – if a team drops or more teams can be added to the tournament, the teams are contacted in the order that they are on the Waiting List. You can be put on the waiting list by sending Kathie an email with:
      • Team name
      • Age Group
      • Tournament you want to be on the waiting list for
      • BEST phone number to contact you
      • OR Sign up ONLINE for the Tournament if you have not done so already
    • Brackets are normally posted at least one week prior to the tournament.  Coaches will be emailed when they become available, you may also check the BRACKETS or SCHEDULE link to see if they are available.
    • If the ONLY Michigan NSA tournament a team is playing in is the State Championship, the team could be required to play in the "A" Division.  Please contact the office if you have questions.

    Insurance Information

    Updated 03/24

    Coaches, Players, and Parents,

    Purchasing NSA/Westpoint Insurance at our discounted rates is a benefit of your team’s membership with NSA.

    This benefit is available for ADULT and YOUTH Teams!

    Please check out the brochures for more details:

    Click Here:  ADULT BROCHURE   
    Click Here:  YOUTH BROCHURE

    Please Click Here to Apply and Purchase Insurance Online

    Note:  INSURANCE COVERAGE IS MANDATORY FOR ALL YOUTH TEAMS.  Proof of Team Insurance must be provided to the Director.

    • Youth teams must have a policy that covers liability and secondary accident coverage in case a player is injured.
    • NSA/Westpoint Insurance meets these requirements.
    • NSA has worked with Westpoint Insurance to help our teams with their insurance needs.  This includes General Liability and secondary Accidental Medical insurance.
    • Teams must have a Current Year Membership Number before they can purchase a policy.
    • Players must be listed as ACCEPTED on the NSA Team Waiver or NSA Online Roster to be covered.
    • As always, this coverage does NOT cover the COACH, TEAM, or LEAGUE for running or holding tournaments, scrimmages, or friendlies.
    • Coverage will follow all approved players listed on the NSA Team Waiver or NSA Online roster for all amateur play for NSA-associated events.
    • Coverage follows approved NSA rostered players for non-NSA events if the event is sanctioned, the team is playing as their NSA rostered team, and if a youth team – the organizer accepts the NSA/Westpoint Insurance.   (Youth Teams should contact the organizer of the event to ensure they accept the policy.)

    • NSA Westpoint Quantity or League Insurance Discounts (Yearly Policy)

      Please remember to take advantage of the discounted Quantity/League rates:

      • 4 or more teams from an organization that purchases insurance at one time.
      • Your team will need to have their current membership (sanction) number in order to purchase NSA Westpoint Insurance.

    Important Note: If you are an NSA LEAGUE that needs insurance and teams will only be playing within your league, please contact your State Director.

    Thank you,
    NSA National Office


    Westpoint Insurance:

    Toll Free: 800-318-7709  |   Fax: 708-636-3915

    Email: Angela@westpointinsurance.com    or
    Email: Annmarie@westpointinsurance.com

    ** PLEASE NOTE ** 

    • Before filing a claim form, please inquire how to file a claim. One option is to click here.
    • Participant Claim Form – Contact Westpoint – Angela  at 1-800-318-7709
    • Umpire Claim Form – Contact Westpoint – Angela  at 1-800-318-7709

    Where to Begin?

    Updated 03/24

    Are you new to NSA? This area will explain the steps you need to take to sign up for your NSA Membership (Formerly team sanction), team insurance, enter your roster online, and enter tournaments online.

    Please note it is the COACH and/or MANAGER'S responsibility to know the rules. Ignorance of a rule or bylaw does not negate the penalty. If you have a question please check the NSA Rulebook. The Rulebook is available after you create a login and receive your Membership (Sanction) Number.

    NSA Membership (Team Sanction)
    Use link for a quick video on
    "How to Create a Team Membership"

    • All teams that participate in NSA tournaments must have a NSA Membership (Team Sanction) for the current season.

    • You will need to have a LOGIN for NSA, if you already have one please sign in.
      1.  Go to PlayNSA.com
      2.  From the Fastpitch Box on the left -  Click on LOGIN.
      3.  Enter your Email and Password
      4.  Your Name will show in the top right when you are logged in.

    • Click Team Membership to begin filling out the form. After your team applies for a membership number and you pay online, you will automatically be assigned your Team Membership Number.

    Important Note: Teams can be reclassified at anytime during the season due to the overall strength of the team! Please make sure to select the proper classification at the beginning of the year.

    • After receiving your membership number, you can submit your roster online at any time.
    • You DO NOT have to enter your roster online before entering tournaments.
    • You DO NOT have to have team insurance before entering tournaments.

    Register for your Membership


    View & Enter Tournaments
    Use link for a quick video on
    "How to Search & Enter Tournaments"

    To enter Tournaments you MUST use the PlayNSA Tournament Search.

    1. Find the tournament you want to enter and click on REGISTRATION for the tournament details.
    2. When in the Tournament Details make sure to watch for Entry Deadlines / Minimum Number of Games / Gate Fees / Etc.
    3. Click on the REGISTER Tab to enter your team. You need to be Logged In, use the drop down to select the team with your current membership number to enter and click on the REGISTER Button.
    4. During the Check Out process, you can choose to pay by charge, or mail in a check
    5. You will receive an automated email that you have APPLIED for entry into the tournament, the system also emails the Tournament Director you have applied for entry into the tournament.

    Your spot in the tournament is NOT saved or held until the FULL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. You will receive a confirmation email verifying that we have received your payment.

    Click here or more information about Payments, Transfers & Refunds

    Michigan NSA Tournament Search


    Team Insurance

    • All teams that participate in NSA Youth tournaments must provide proof of TOURNAMENT INSURANCE.  It must include Liability and secondary medical coverage for your team.
    • Your team will not be allowed to participate with out a copy being uploaded or left at the tournament site. Please see the link below for more Insurance Information including NSA / Westpoint Insurance Requirements and Discounts.

    NSA Insurance Information


    Enter Your Roster Online
    Use link for a quick video on
    "How to Enter Your NSA Roster"

    All Tournament Teams MUST use the Official NSA ONLINE ROSTER.

    You will need the following information for your players BEFORE you begin to enter your Roster Online.

    1. EACH Player's Parent will need to create or RENEW a Player Membership Number for their child.

    All players must be entered on the online roster.  NO hand written players will be eligible to play.

    After you receive your Membership Number you can enter your Roster Online.

    1. Login to your PlayNSA Account
    2. Select Your Name from the top right
    3. Under National Softball Association, Select MEMBERSHIP.

    When the PARENTS/Guardians accept the Team's Invitation for their child to play, they are electronically signing the roster. 

    Players that are 18 Years of age must sign the roster for themselves.

     You will not be allowed to participate without a signed copy of the NSA online roster.



    Updated 03/24
    • Team Membership (Sanction) Fee Payment: $50 per team. Make sure to LOGIN and fill out the Membership Form at PlayNSA

    Tournament Payments:  Teams are accepted into tournaments in the order that full payment is received.

    Make sure to enter your team into the tournament ONLINE at the PlayNSA Tournament Search - Michigan Fastpitch

    • Payment by Check: Include your Team Name, Age Group, Tournaments Paying for & Contact Info
      • Make Payable to: NSA
      • Mail to: NSA P.O. Box 187, Fenton, MI 48430
      • NSF Fees will be $30 per check that is returned to our account. The team will be suspended until a money order or Cashiers check is received for the amount of the original check + $30 fee
    • Charge Payments: Can be made at the end of the Tournament Registration Process. You can choose to pay by CHARGE or PAY by CHECK during the check out process.  Make sure to continue the check out process until the screen says your card has been approved & you have signed up for the event. You will also receive a confirmation email.  There is a service fee for using the online charge system, the service fee is not refundable.
      • If you pay by a charge and then request and meet the requirements for a Refund, THE CHARGE CARD WILL BE CREDITED for the refund (entry fee) amount! There are no exceptions.
      • Only the amount of the Entry Fee will be considered for refund if your team cancels from a tournament.


      • There are NO entry refunds or transfer of fees within 30 Days of the tournament, after a tournament or age group is marked as FULL, or after pool play/brackets are posted regardless of the number of days from the start of the tournament.
      • Contact the State Office as soon as you know you need to drop from a tournament, we will try to work with you to get your team replaced so you can receive a refund or transfer the funds to a different event. NOTE: Even if a refund is allowed, a $50 Administrative Fee will be retained from the Entry Fee if Teams or Coaches cancel from a tournament regardless of the payment method.
      • If NSA cancels an age group or tournament prior to the event, a full refund or transfer of entry fee will be given.
      • Refunds due to weather are done on an individual basis and the number of games completed.
      • The NSA Rule Book contains full details on how to request a refund and is available HERE
      • Entry in to any NSA tournament constitutes acknowledgement and agreement to the refund policy.


        • Contact the State Office as soon as you know you need to drop from a tournament, we will try to work with you to get your team replaced so you can transfer your entry or receive a refund. NOTE: Even is a refund is allowed, a $50 Administrative Fee will be retained from the Entry Fee if Teams or Coaches cancel from a tournament regardless of the payment method.
        • TRANSFERS: If a TRANSFER is Allowed and your team paid by taking advantage of the early entry discount, you can transfer the discounted entry to the new tournament. If the new tournament you are transferring to has a different entry fee or DID NOT OFFER the early entry discount, you will need to pay the difference.