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    NSA Girl's Fastpitch World Series

    NSA "B" & "C" North Central World Series

    The National Softball Association has multiple Fastpitch World Series happening around the country. You can pick where you'd like to play! Visit NSAFastpitchWorldSeries.com for all listings, How to Qualify and How to Enter.

    All teams must be registered with NSA and have properly qualified & validated their berth by playing in their State Championships to participate in the NSA Girl’s Fastpitch World Series.

    Please contact your State Director for Information on how to qualify for the GFP World Series. If you do not know your State Director, click HERE or contact the NSA National Office at 859-887-4114.

    All Events & Games are Central Time


    Tournament Information

    Date: July 17 - July 21, 2019 (Wednesday through Sunday)

    Ages: Class "B": 8u Player Pitch & 8u Coach Pitch offered - 10u - 12u - 14u - 16u - 18u. Class "C": 10u - 12u - 14u

    Location: Rockford, IL and Beloit, WI

    • Rockford, IL is the Home of the famous ROCKFORD PEACHES!

    Tournament Directors: Bill & Kathie Horton   810-629-9551   NSAWorldSeries@playnsa.com

    Events: Skills Competitions, Coaches/Managers Meetings, Opening Ceremonies, etc. Will begin Wednesday July 17th. Schedule and more details available HERE.

    Souvenirs & Equipment: Souvenir & Equipment Vendors will be available for the event, including Diamond Sport Gear. Please watch for a schedule of locations for the Vendor tents during the week. NSA items are licensed and no other items are allowed to be sold at our tournaments. Violators will be prosecuted.

    Parks & Field Assignment by Age Group: Available HERE.

    Hotel Information: Available HERE.

    Admission or Gate Fees: NONE! Tournament entry fee includes Admission / Gate fees for all spectators & family members. No Passes Needed!

    Games Begin: Thursday July 18th.

    Format: 4 Game Format. 2 Games in Pool Play then seeding into Double Elimination Bracket. Brackets will be posted on the website and updated during the tournament.

    Entry Deadline: July 3rd, 2019. All fees & paperwork must be received by the World Series Directors prior to this deadline.

    Entry Fee, Procedures & Payments Options: Available HERE.


    Playing Rules: NSA rules will govern all play in strict accordance with the NSA Rule Book. It is the coach/managers responsibility to know the rules & bylaws of NSA.  Ignorance of a rule or bylaw of NSA does NOT negate the penalty.  NSA rule book is available for coaches online 24/7 at PlayNSA.com. All games, including Championship Games will be run with a Time Limit and Mercy/Run Rules.

    Team Insurance: Can my team play in the NSA "B" or "C" World Series if their insurance is NOT an NSA/Westpoint Insurance Policy? Yes. You just have to supply us with a copy of your current insurance for your team when submitting your paperwork. We will make sure that your team meets the NSA/Westpoint Insurance requirement for the World Series tournament. Nothing else you need to do and no additional fees for your team.

    Game Information:

    1. Please allow ample time to arrive at the fields for your game. Expect delays due to early morning traffic.

    2. All teams must be present at the field Thirty (30) Minutes Prior to the game time posted on the bracket board, READY TO TAKE THE FIELD. Games may begin up to 15 minutes early if field is available.

    1. Tournament Director could move games to a different field posted on the brackets based on field availability. Just because your field might be behind does NOT change your game time. Teams could be moved to a vacant field to keep tournament moving and games on time.
    1. Roster Checks may be done at anytime during the tournament. Coach will be required to have birth certificates or government issue photo ID available upon request by tournament committee.

    Uniforms: To be in strict accordance with NSA team dress code.

    Softball: NSA black stitched optic yellow softballs are provided. Umpires will control the balls and umpire decisions are final on softballs.

    NSA Approved Equipment: It is the coaches/players' responsibility to check their bats for the Approved Company and the stamp prior to bringing them into play. Check the NSA Approved Equipment List if you have any questions.

    Validation: Your State Director will still verify your berth, classification & validation.

    Protest: Umpire judgment calls are final. There will be a $75.00 CASH ONLY protest fee. If protest is ruled in your favor, your money will be returned.

    Weather Hotline:  Information will be given to coaches during check in.  ANY weather issues will be dealt with by each individual site. One site may have problems and another may not.
     Awards:  Minimum Awards will be presented as follows:

    • First Place Championship Team Award
    • Finalist Championship Team Award
    • 3rd through 7th Place Team Awards
    • Individual Player Awards - For First, Second, Third and Fourth places. Individual Awards are for the players attending the World Series Only.

    Attractions & Things to do in the Area:  TBA

    Photographer: TBA

    Entry Procedures & Payments

    Teams will be accepted in the order that payment is received. A Deposit or Full Payment is required to reserve your team a spot in the tournament.

    Entry Deadline: July 3rd, 2019. All fees & paperwork must be received by the World Series Directors prior to this deadline.

    Entry Fee: Entry fee includes Admission / Gate fees for all spectators & family members.

    • $750 (10u - 12u - 14u - 16u - 18u)
    • $550 (8u)

    Early Entry Discount: Pay in Full by April 15th and receive $50 OFF your World Series Entry


    Entry Procedures

    Step 1:  Submit BOTH to the WORLD SERIES TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR. You can pay the Deposit Online but you still need to Scan/Email the Entry Form! Mailing and email addresses are on page 3 of the Entry Form / Contact Sheet.

    • $300 Deposit or Full Payment
    • Entry Form

    Step 2: Submit ALL the following to the WORLD SERIES TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR no later than the entry deadline. Mailing and email addresses are on page 3 of the Entry Form / Contact Sheet.

    • ENTRY FORM - NSA World Series
    • CONTACT SHEET - Included with Entry Form PDF
    • Signed Copy of NSA Roster - Individually signed by parents & coaches
    • Copy of team Insurance Certificate - Any team insurance will be accepted for the NSA "B" World Series Tournament. The World Series Coordinators will ensure all teams meet the NSA/Westpoint Insurance requirement with no additional charge to your team. There is NO discount in the World Series Entry Fee for teams that have a yearly NSA/Westpoint policy.
    • Balance of Entry Fee in the form of Cashier's Check or Money Order

    "B" Entry Form & Contact Sheet

    "C" Entry Form & Contact Sheet



    Payments are accepted via Money Order, Cashier's check or Online by Charge. Online payments are subject to a processing fee. Mailing and email addresses are on page 3 of the Entry Form / Contact Sheet.

    • $750 (10u - 12u - 14u - 16u - 18u)
    • $550 (8u)


    Teams Planning to Attend

    Teams that plan to attend the World Series can list themselves online! Teams can sign up to let others know that they are interested in attending the NSA World Series. This does not enter your team into the tournament. Teams must qualify for the NSA World Series.

    How to Sign Up as Planning to Attend: Click on the link for your age group - Click on the SIGN UP TAB Sign Up for the tournament - This lets the World Series Director know that your team is planning to attend.

    8u Player Pitch   

    8u Coach Pitch      

    10u B  IL-WI

    12u B  IL-WI

    14u B  IL-WI  

    16u B  IL-WI

    18u B  IL-WI


    Or go to PlayNSA.com and login to your account. Use the Tournament Search, for the TYPE use SUMMER WORLD SERIES. Find the LOCATION and DATE you are planning to attend - Click on Tournament Name & then SIGN UP TAB - enter your team online.

    Schedule of Events


    Events will begin on Wednesday, July 17th. This information will be updated and may change as the tournament nears. Please keep watching for updates.

    LAST UPDATED: 1-14-19


    Wednesday July 17th

    Opening Day Celebrations

    Time: TBA

    Location: TBA

    Overview: All teams and spectators welcome to join us for the entire Opening Day! Team Skills Fun Day includes: Team Skills, Music,Vendors, Pin Trading and more!

      Pin trading will take place anytime during the day that girl's can find another player to trade with!

      Gift Exchange or Gift Swaps: There will NOT be a GIFT EXCHANGE or SWAP in the NSA "B" World Series. We feel that many teams are just trying to stretch their budget to make the trip to the World Series and have found that the gift swap at their first game puts an extra burden on the teams.  We would rather you have freedom to choose how the extra funds can be spent.


        Opening Night Celebrations

        Time: TBA

        Location: TBA

        Overview: All teams and spectators welcome to join us for the entire Opening Day! Team Parade, Skills Winner's Announcement, Music,Vendors, Pin Trading, Scholarship Announcement and more!

        Check In for Coach/Manager - Mandatory

        Time: TBA

        Location: TBA

        Overview: Players do not need to check in. If you cannot make the CHECK IN you will need to have a representative check in for your team. Please make sure this is a responsible person as any last minute important items will be covered at this meeting.

        Manager's Meeting - Mandatory

        Time: TBA

        Location: TBA

        Overview: Coach Meeting usually lasts less than an hour, please do not be late. Please limit to two representatives per team. If you cannot make this meeting you will need to have a team representative attend. Please make sure this is a responsible person as any last minute important items will be covered at this meeting.


        Event Planner/Team Rep Meeting

        Time: TBA

        Location: TBA

        Overview: Send a representative to find out what's fun to do - special offers, coupons, etc. This will help your team have fun in the area!

        Umpire Meeting

        Time: TBA

        Location: TBA

        Overview: Umpires will meet with their site UIC's and be given hotel information during this meeting.

        THURSDAY, July 18th

        Games Begin - Good Luck to All Teams!

        Time: 8:00 AM - All events & games are CENTRAL time.

        Parks & Field Assignments by Age Group

        Facilities for the "B" World Series: Please note that a couple of the addresses are not the EXACT Address for the facilities, but an address that will get you to the main entrance to the park.

        Directions & Field Layouts: Please follow all park rules.

        • Sportscore One
        • TBA
        • TBA


        Field Assignments by Age Group: The following locations are where we anticipate the specific age groups will be playing the majority of their games during the NSA “B” World Series. While there is no scientific method of deciding which age group plays in specific locations at this time, we have used NSA’s history of the number of teams attending to provide this guide for you to make hotel arrangements. This is our best assessment of the situation at this time and hope it will assist you with hotel selections. In the end, the FINAL decision is based the number of total teams in the event, and how many teams are in each specific age group. These final numbers or counts of teams entered are not available until very close to the tournament.

        Fields Used for 8u Divisions: TBA

        Fields Used for 10u Division: TBA

        Fields Used for 12u Division: TBA

        Fields Used for 14u Division: TBA

        Fields Used for 16u Division: TBA

        Fields Used for 18u Division: TBA


        The Tournament Director reserves the right to add new fields and ballparks or eliminate fields and ballparks if deemed necessary to conduct the tournament.