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    Michigan NSA Fastpitch — Four Things you MUST Have to Play

    Four Things You MUST Have to Play

    You will need to CHECK IN with the Tournament Director when you arrive on site with ALL the required paperwork. It is the Coach/Managers responsibility to bring the following paperwork to EACH tournament. The team will not be allowed to participate without it.

    • NSA Online roster (Copy): Printed with signatures of parents or guardians (players 18 years and older will sign for themselves). Once you attain signatures we suggest you make MULTIPLE copies of your roster. You will be required to turn in a copy and it will not be returned to you.
    • Team Insurance Certificate (Copy): Once you have your certificate, we suggest you make MULTIPLE copies. You will be required to turn in a copy and it will not be returned to you.
    • Birth Certificates or Government issue photo ID's (Copies): NSA does NOT need copies of these, you need to have them on hand in case of a protest. For older players, please make sure they have their Driver's License with them.
    • Gate Fees: There are multiple ways gate fees will be collected, please check the tournament details for specific information on the tournaments you will be playing in.

      • Team PRE PAID Gate Fees: Teams are required to pay one fee for the entire team's tournament admission/gate fee. No passes to keep track of, no hassles at gate for spectators or coaches. MOST of the Michigan NSA tournaments will be using this method. Teams can pay this when they pay their entry into the tournament or to the Tournament Director as they Check In. This is meant  to simplify the process and eliminate the hassle at the gate. Most organizations, teams, parents, and spectators raise funds during the winter to pay their gate fees at one time before the Tournament even begins.

          • Traditional gate/admission fees: Some Tournaments will be taking fees Per Person or Per Vehicle at the site.