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    Michigan NSA Fastpitch

    NSA Scholarship Weekends

    All Michigan NSA Fastpitch Qualifying Tournaments are Scholarship Tournaments!

    Since the start of the Scholarship program in 2007, Michigan NSA is proud to have submitted over $95,000 to the NSA National Office on behalf of the Michigan NSA Weekend Scholarship Program & all of its Recipients.

    What are the Michigan NSA Scholarship Weekends?

    NSA wants to give ALL girls that enjoy the game of softball, a chance to benefit from participating in the NSA program. A scholarship for college will be awarded to a player during each Scholarship Weekend tournament.

    How is the scholarship recipient decided?

    A blind draw will decide the recipient of each scholarship. ALL teams in the weekend tournament, and All players PARTICIPATING in the tournament will be included in the draw. The scholarship will NOT be awarded based on order of finish of a team or an individual player’s athletic ability. Details of when the drawing will be held shall be posted on or near the bracket board so everyone will know when the drawings
    will be held during the tournament.

    What is the amount of the Scholarship?

    The amount of the scholarship may be different from weekend to weekend, depending on additional sponsorships.The minimum amount of the scholarship is $250 but it may be more, depending on the matching funds or sponsorships the Tournament Director/Host is available to secure.

    What happens after the draw?

    The tournament director will have the NSA Scholarship Recipient Form filled out by the parents or guardian of the player. The director will submit the correct information with the scholarship funds to the NSA National Office. The NSA National Office then submits a Confirmation Certificate, including the Sponsors Names, to the winner of the scholarship and holds the funds in their Scholarship Fund until the recipient is ready to attend college.

    What if the player does not play softball in college?

    It does NOT matter if the player participates in college level softball. The scholarship is still theirs to use.

    Can a player receive more than one scholarship?

    Yes, if the recipient is lucky enough to be drawn more than one time from different tournaments or over the years.

    Is there a stipulation of the type of college the scholarship will be applied to?

    The scholarship funds will be paid directly to the recipient, in the recipient’s name, after proof of enrollment is received by the NSA National Office. Redeemable at such time the recipient enters an accredited two-year or four year, junior college, college or university. The scholarship will be made payable to the recipient so it will not affect any other funds they may be receiving and they can utilize it anyway they see fit.

    If you or someone you know may be interested in helping to sponsor the Michigan NSA Scholarships and help young ladies that enjoy softball, please contact Kathie Horton at the Michigan NSA Office.

    Fastpitch Classification Upgrades

    To help the teams compete and achieve at their highest level of play, the NSA Northern Zone has instituted several classification rules.

    Classifications: State Directors could impose or set higher standards in the following regard. State Directors will review the overall finishes of the team in making classification changes. State Directors and/or Zone VP can change the classification of a team at ANY TIME during the season due to the overall strength of the team.

    State Tournaments

    • State Tournaments with 16 or MORE teams per Age & Classification: 1st and 2nd Place or Top 10% (whichever is greater) will be Upgraded in Class if they retain 50% or more of the roster the following season.         
    • State Tournaments with LESS than 16 teams per Age & Classification: Only 1st Place will be Upgraded.

    The upgrade from the State Tournament may be appealed to the State Director. Appeal MUST be in writing with a list of players that will be participating the following season.

    World Series

    • World Series Tournaments with 20 or more teams: 1st & 2nd Place or Top 10% (whichever is greater) will be Upgraded in Class if they retain 50% or more of the roster the following season even if they more up in age division.
    • World Series Tournaments with less than 20 teams: Only First Place will be a mandatory Upgrade.

         The Upgrade from the World Series is mandatory.

    NSA Approved Equipment

    NSA Approved Equipment

    Only companies that have signed the NSA contract are approved for use and listed on the Approved Bat Companies List.This list will NOT change during the YEAR. Click HERE for the NSA Approved Equipment List.

    1.  The bat must be from a company on the Approved Bat Company List.
    2.  Only bats from these companies with the 2012 NSA Logo or STAMP (As shown to below) on them will be allowed. This logo has been put on bats since 2011.

    It is the coaches/players' responsibility to check their bats for the Approved Company and the stamp prior to bringing them into play.