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Come play with the Family Owned National Softball Association, we are dedicated to providing fair, competitive and fun events for all. From a local level to 600+ team World Series, we have been offering tournaments throughout the U.S. since 1982 and in Michigan since 1994.

NSA Michigan Fastpitch - Frequently Asked Questions

Please note it is the COACH and/or MANAGER'S responsibility to know the rules. Ignorance of a rule or bylaw does not negate the penalty. If you have a question please check the NSA Rulebook.


Q: What Bats are Approved for NSA Play?

NSA Approved Equipment List


Q: What are your normal Tournament Procedures?

General NSA Tournament Information

Q: Do you have Gate Fees? Or charge Parents, Coaches or Spectators at the site?

NO Gate Fees!


  • As of 2024, Michigan NSA will no longer be collecting Team Gate Fees. The new simplified pricing has them included when you are registering & paying for events. No passes to keep track of, no hassles at gate for spectators/coaches and no hassles for coaches to turn in the team gate fees at the site.


    Q: How many times can players be released?

    Players can be released THREE times from August 1st to July 31st.



    Q: How do I Pay for a Tournament? If we have weather issues do I get a refund?

    Michigan NSA's Payment's Transfers & Refunds


    Q: I want to participate in the Fastpitch World Series. What do I have to do?

    How Michigan Teams Qualify for World Series


    Q: How do I add a Player to my Roster?  Can a player be on two teams at the same time?  How many Players can I have on my Team?

    Rosters - General Information

    For FULL details on rosters and Player Eligibility, please review the NSA Rulebook or contact me.

      All players participating in NSA tournaments must be listed on the official NSA Online Roster. All players 18 years or older must sign their own name, and if under the age of 18 must have parent or legal guardian signature in order to participate
        You can have up to 25 Players on your Roster. Once you have filled your roster you cannot add any additional players. Player’s names do NOT get deleted from the roster for any reason.  Not even if you release a player, injury, relocation or if the player quits the team.
          Adding Players to your roster may be done anytime during the season BEFORE the State Tournament. For questions regarding adding players after the State Tournament, please contact the NSA State Office. 
            Anytime a Player is added a NEW COPY of your roster must be provided to the NSA Tournament Director BEFORE the new player participates.
              If you add a new player, you can print the roster, attain signatures of the parent or guardian (if player is 18 years of age or older - they will need to sign themselves), make copies and attach to your roster with the other parent signatures. Meaning you will turn in two pages for your roster the next time you participate.
                Players cannot be listed on two NSA rosters at one time without an official Player Release form on file in State Office and APPROVED by the State Director before the player participates with the new team. This is an ineligible/illegal player. PLAYER AND COACH WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR 1 YEAR.
                  Players cannot play on two different AGE GROUPS with in the same organization. Players CANNOT be borrowed for a weekend. Even IF they are age eligible to play both age divisions. This is an ineligible/illegal player. PLAYER AND COACH WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR 1 YEAR.
                  • Examples: A 14 year old cannot play one weekend with the 14u team, and then play a different weekend with the 16u team because they need players for a particular weekend. Players cannot play on a 12u team and a 14u team on the same weekend.
                      Players participating that are not listed on the Official NSA ONLINE Roster will be considered an ineligible/illegal player. PLAYER AND COACH WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR 1 YEAR. Players not listed on your Online Roster will not be covered by your Insurance!
                        Players participating under an assumed name or "borrowing a jersey" for the weekend without being listed correctly on the NSA Online Roster will be considered and ineligible/illegal player. PLAYER and COACH WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR 1 YEAR. Players not listed on your Online Roster will not be covered by your Insurance! 
                          Player Release Form: It is possible for a player to be released from their current team to participate with a NEW TEAM or AGE GROUP. It can only be done ONE time from September 1st to December 31st and ONE time from January 1st to August 31st. A Player Release Form must be signed by the current coach, player, and parent, and it must also be approved by your State Director, PRIOR to the change in team.
                            • Contact your State Director for guidance.
                              • Pick up of certain players could change your teams’ classification by changing the overall strength of your team.
                                • Once a player has been released from a team, they cannot change teams again during that half of the season. This means they cannot go back to the original team.
                                  • Players cannot be released from an “A” team to play with a “B” team.

                                  18u Teams: Any team with a player on the roster that has participated on a COLLEGE SOFTBALL TEAM MUST participate in "A" Classification.


                                  Q: Can 14u players from two different teams merge for early tournaments?

                                  Yes. As always with NSA, a team can sanction and play early in the year to combine the two 14u teams - We will call this the COMBINED TEAM of Team ONE and Team TWO 14 year olds. This allows the 14u girls to play before the older girls (16u) are ready to play because of High School. Once the older girls are ready to play, the COMBINED TEAM would be disbanded by the coach of record. This allows all the players from the COMBINED TEAM to go play for their regular team WITHOUT it counting as their one release for the year.

                                  • The COMBINED TEAM would lose any berths or points that were awarded them once they disband.
                                  • Once the COMBINED TEAM is disbanded, players from that team can be added to TEAM ONE and TEAM TWO.
                                  • The only issue is that a player cannot go from a Class "A" team to a Class "B"
                                  • The Combined team will need to be disbanded before Team One or Team Two could add the players to their roster. Both team One and Team Two need to sanction separately.
                                  Please let me know if you have questions.