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    National Softball Association - The Player's Association

    I'm dedicated to providing a fair, competitive and fun experience for the girls while giving back to the Michigan NSA Program and the teams that support it. Thank you for choosing NSA.
    - Kathie Horton, NSA State Director

    Please note that there are TWO sites you will be dealing with when participating with Michigan NSA: PlayNSA and NSANorth


    PlayNSA.com is our NSA National Site, where you will:

    1. Sanction your team
    2. Log In to Enter your Roster using Team LOG IN (only after you receive you sanction number)
    3. View and Enter Tournaments online using Tournament Search
    4. Find the Rulebook, Approved Equipment List, and Insurance Information

    PlayNSA does NOT accept charges to pay for your Membership (Sanction) fee or tournament entries.

    NSANorth (Michigan)

    Where you are! Is our Michigan NSA Fastpitch site were you will be able to pay online by charge.

    If you are NEW to Michigan NSA, please review WHERE TO BEGIN and What to Bring & FAQ's and let us know if you have any questions after reviewing the site.