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NSA Michigan Fastpitch - Insurance Information

Youth Teams MUST have insurance to play! You DO NOT have to have our NSA/Westpoint Insurance, but it does come at a discounted rate for NSA teams. If you have another insurance, please contact us to make sure you are covered.


Coaches, Players, and Parents,

Purchasing NSA/Westpoint Insurance at our discounted rates is a benefit of your team’s membership with NSA.

This benefit is available for ADULT and YOUTH Teams!

Please check out the brochures for more details:

Click Here:  ADULT BROCHURE   

Please Click Here to Apply and Purchase Insurance Online

Note:  INSURANCE COVERAGE IS MANDATORY FOR ALL YOUTH TEAMS.  Proof of Team Insurance must be provided to the Director.

  • Youth teams must have a policy that covers liability and secondary accident coverage in case a player is injured.
  • NSA/Westpoint Insurance meets these requirements.
  • NSA has worked with Westpoint Insurance to help our teams with their insurance needs.  This includes General Liability and secondary Accidental Medical insurance.
  • Teams must have a Current Year Membership Number before they can purchase a policy.
  • Players must be listed as ACCEPTED on the NSA Team Waiver or NSA Online Roster to be covered.
  • As always, this coverage does NOT cover the COACH, TEAM, or LEAGUE for running or holding tournaments, scrimmages, or friendlies.
  • Coverage will follow all approved players listed on the NSA Team Waiver or NSA Online roster for all amateur play for NSA-associated events.
  • Coverage follows approved NSA rostered players for non-NSA events if the event is sanctioned, the team is playing as their NSA rostered team, and if a youth team – the organizer accepts the NSA/Westpoint Insurance.   (Youth Teams should contact the organizer of the event to ensure they accept the policy.)

  • NSA Westpoint Quantity or League Insurance Discounts (Yearly Policy)

    Please remember to take advantage of the discounted Quantity/League rates:

    • 4 or more teams from an organization that purchases insurance at one time.
    • Your team will need to have their current membership (sanction) number in order to purchase NSA Westpoint Insurance.

Important Note: If you are an NSA LEAGUE that needs insurance and teams will only be playing within your league, please contact your State Director.

Thank you,
NSA National Office


Westpoint Insurance:

Toll Free: 800-318-7709  |   Fax: 708-636-3915

Email: Angela@westpointinsurance.com    or
Email: Annmarie@westpointinsurance.com


  • Before filing a claim form, please inquire how to file a claim. One option is to click here.
  • Participant Claim Form – Contact Westpoint – Angela  at 1-800-318-7709
  • Umpire Claim Form – Contact Westpoint – Angela  at 1-800-318-7709