National Softball Association

Come play with the Family Owned National Softball Association, we are dedicated to providing fair, competitive and fun events for all. From a local level to 600+ team World Series, we have been offering tournaments throughout the U.S. since 1982 and in Michigan since 1994.

NSA Michigan Fastpitch - NSA Approved Equipment

NSA Approved Equipment

Only companies that have signed the NSA contract are approved for use and listed on the Approved Bat Companies List.This list will NOT change during the YEAR. Click HERE for the NSA Approved Equipment List.

1.  The bat must be from a company on the Approved Bat Company List.
2.  Only bats from these companies with the 2012 NSA Logo or STAMP (As shown to below) on them will be allowed. This logo has been put on bats since 2011.

It is the coaches/players' responsibility to check their bats for the Approved Company and the stamp prior to bringing them into play.